If you need someone on “your team” to keep you on track with your personal or professional goals, Kay is the person to contact… she cares about my success and she is interested in me as a person.
Amy Craig – StreamSage

She is naturally energetic and inspiring and it just seems to ‘rub off’. As a presenter, her humor creates a ‘relaxed’ atmosphere, even while addressing thought-provoking topics or self-analysis. On the other”side”- I am working with her on a presentation she will be giving to my organization and she goes to great lengths to understand what is going on in the organization, what the ‘hot buttons’ are; again she asks though-provoking questions – to understand the audience she will be addressing – so she can ‘craft’ a message. She is just as motivating to work with from that aspect – as she is to listen to her presentation.
Nancy McKeen – P.E.O. Sisterhood

It’s important to evaluate every process of your company. That’s not to say we should micro-manage. In essence, it’s about remembering that in a fast-paced world, the needs of people should be especially important to the management and owners of companies.
Robert Floyd – Fastrax Pro

She brings energy and drive to her speaking engagements and provides practical tips with follow-up for individuals so they can reach their goals.
Beth Quist – Working Family Resource Center