Professional Bio

Kay Anderson is a dynamic human capital consultant, organization advisor and executive coach who has a relentless passion for change management.  Her candid and inspirational approach is a direct reflection of her outlook on both work and life.

Her interest in leadership development and coaching began more than 30 years ago in a small town in Iowa, where, at a young age, she co-managed a lawn mowing business with her brother and taught swimming lessons at the local pool.

During a ten-year association with ARAMARK, a multi-billion dollar international contract services organization, Kay worked as a recruitment and staffing expert, a human resources director and a dynamic trainer and facilitator. One of her responsibilities was developing training programs for newly hired employees. During these sessions, she noticed that, regardless of title, every person had a desire to be recognized as a valuable contributor within the organization, and that every individual exhibited at least one strong leadership trait, even if they didn’t hold an official “leadership” title.

This propelled her to study leadership development where she began to “tinker” with her own definitions of leadership development and goal setting. Kay’s passion around these areas propelled her to create The HumanSide, LLC, which provides leadership development to organizations and individuals. Combining substance and style, Kay creates programs that are interactive and engaging, but also provide the type of substantive information to make a real difference. Her consulting and coaching styles are collaborative and she is able to develop personal leadership skills, create positive working relationships, boost performance and morale, while improving your bottom line.

In 2014, Kay has launched Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching (EFLC) as part of her offerings. Her passion for working with horse-human energy has radically changed her perspective on achieving peak performance and has provided even greater results for her coaching clients.

Kay is a Cottey College alumna and hold an undergraduate degree in education from the University of Northern Iowa.  She earned her Master’s Degree in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania, where she was also awarded a certificate in Leadership Development.

As NicodermCQ’s “Quitter of the Decade” and an accomplished triathlete, Kay is an expert in radical lifestyle change, goal attainment and is passionate about guiding organizations and individuals to achieve peak performance.